Chicken Burger | Best Crispy Chicken Burger at Home | Better than Takeout | Fried Chicken Recipe

You can make burgers that taste better than takeout at home. You can also add a variety of vegetables. You can put any part of the chicken you want, so it’s good to make it more palatable. It’s delicious to make sandwiches with toast bread.


[1 Burger]

✤ Chicken Marinade

100g, 1 Chicken breast

100ml Milk

16g (2Tbsp) Wheat flour

2g (1tsp) Chili powder

2g (1tsp) Curry powder

9g (0.5Tbsp) Minced garlic

3 Pinches of salt

0.4 tsp Pepper powder

✤ Powdered Seasoning

32g (4Tbsp) Wheat flour

16g (2Tbsp) Cornstarch

2g (1tsp) Chili powder

2g (1tsp) Curry powder

3 Pinches of salt

A little pepper powder

✤ Burger Sauce

40g (2Tbsp) Mayonnaise

15g (1Tbsp) Honey mustard

6g (0.5Tbsp) Honey

2g (1tsp) Lemon juice

1g (1tsp) Parsley

2g (1tsp) Sriracha sauce

0.4 tsp Pepper powder

✤ Bread and Filling

Burger buns (toast bread available)

10g Butter (when grilling Burger)

1 Cheddar Cheese

3 Slices onion

2-3 Romaine lettuce

Cucumber pickle

1 or 2 slices of tomatoes


1. 100ml Milk, 2g (1tsp) Chili powder, 2g (1tsp) Curry powder, 3 Pinches of salt, 0.4tsp Pepper powder, 9g (0.5Tbsp) Minced garlic, 16g (2Tbsp) Wheat flour, 100g Chicken breast. Make a hole for the marinade to go well. Then dipped in marinade sauce. Refrigerate for 1 hour (up to 24 hours)

2. 40g (2Tbsp) Mayonnaise, 15g (1Tbsp) Honey mustard, 2g (1tsp) Sriracha sauce (optional), 6g (0.5Tbsp) Honey, 2g (1tsp) Lemon juice, 1g (1tsp) Parsley, 0.4tsp Pepper powder. If you want it spicy, add more Sriracha sauce.

3. Onion cut into 3 pieces, 3 Romaine lettuce, Tomato, 10g Butter, Hamburger Bun (Toast Bread Available). Grilled the hamburger buns, brownish. Onions are used to remove the spiciness and sweeten the taste. Grilled quickly on high heat. Remove quickly to avoid overcooking.

4. 32g (4Tbsp) Wheat flour, 16g (2Tbsp) Cornstarch, 2g (1tsp) Chili powder, 2g (1tsp) Curry powder, 3 Pinches of salt. A little pepper powder. Mix well and prepare to welcome the chicken

5. 1 hour later, sprinkle the flour evenly. Creates a rough texture while massaging. After the first massage, after re-watering. Flour again, now grab the chicken. If you gently brush it off a texture is created to provide crispness

6. Now fry on medium flame. Sprinkle a spoonful of sauce on the bread. Cheddar Cheese, Pickle Cucumber, Roasted onion, Romaine, Lettuce, Tomato, King Fried Chicken. Finish with a bread cap.