Chewy Chocolate Pie | 3 Ingredients | Easy Way to Make Chewy Chocolate Pie

Chocolate’s sweetness and rice cake’s chewiness are attractive . When using dry glutinous rice flour that has not been seasoned with salt, it is recommended to add salt (about 4g). You can use edible oil to prevent stickiness of glutinous rice cake. Sugar can be adjusted according to your taste.chocolate may melt quickly when left at room temperature. It tastes even better when eaten cold. If you don’t.


Wet glutinous rice flour 200g

80ml water

2 tbsp sugar

100g dark chocolate

(optional) almond powder have a microwave, there is a way to knead glutinous rice flour.


1. Preparing containers for microwave ovens

2. 200g wet glutinous rice flour (If you are using dry glutinous rice flour, you may need to add salt.) + 2 tablespoons sugar (can be changed according to preference)+ 80ml water cool down.

3. It deserves to be a rice cake, so let’s mix it. At first, it may feel dry because there is little water. But when mixed, it becomes watery .Mix until you can’t see the raw powder.

4. Put on the wrap. Make breath holes, six Breath holes. Microwave 3 minutes.

5. Three minutes later, it looks well cooked on the outside. But undercooked on the inside. Mix to expose undercooked parts. Put on the wrap one more time. Microwave 2 minutes.

6. It’s perfectly cooked now. Do a three-minute pounding to make it chewy. When it’s done, take this to the cutting board.

7. Sprinkle with almond powder to prevent stickiness. Spread it evenly. Put rice cake on top. Sprinkle almond powder on top, too. Apply evenly. Divide it into four.

8. Pick up one by one and make it like a full moon. It is good to harden it cool before coating it with chocolate. 10 minutes in the freezer

9. All you have to do now is just coat it with chocolate. Pour the right amount of water.

10. Put the heat-resistant container on 100g dark chocolate. Stir and melt when melted to a certain extent.

11. Put the made rice cake in chocolate Chocolate shower. Put it on a plate with paper foil. Let stand at room temperature for more than an hour. The finished chewy chocolate pie.