Cherry Chocolate Cake | Combination Super Good Cherry+Chocolate | Make Cherry Chocolate Cake So Beautiful Cakes Decoration

I made a chocolate cake using Lee’s jam and canned cherries. You can enjoy two creams together by using fresh cream in the middle and ganache cream on the outside. Whipping the whipped cream as hard as possible makes it feel very hard, but if you whip the cream hard in the middle, it’s good to keep its shape. Put the ganache cream in the freezer to cool, and when the edges are hardened and it feels thick in the middle, whipping makes a cream with a good texture for icing. Whipped cream with cherry jam gives it a strong cherry flavor, and the canned cherries on top are easy to eat because the seeds have been removed. Ganache used as a decoration can be used beautifully only when the temperature is right.

▶Mold size Mold size : 15cm.


3 Eggs (about 150g)

75g Sugar

2g Vanilla extract

25g Unsalted butter

30g Milk

7g Cocoa powder

80g Cake flour

250g Heavy cream

10g Sugar

70g Cherry jam

Sugar syrup

60g Cherry jam

100g Dark couverture chocolate

15g Unsalted butter

180g Heavy cream

Ganache (20g dark couverture chocolate + 20g heavy cream + 5g unsalted butter)

Canned cherry


1. Place a bowl of eggs on a pot of hot water, add sugar and vanilla extract, mix, and raise the temperature to about 40 degrees.

2. Remove the bowl from the pot and melt the bowl with unsalted butter and milk.

3. Whip the egg mixture to make fine and rich foam, sift the soft flour and mix.

4. Add cocoa powder to the melted unsalted butter and milk, mix, add a little dough and mix, then add the mixture to the main dough and mix.

5. Pour the dough into a 15cm mold, clear air bubbles, bake in an oven preheated to 170 degrees for 37 minutes, remove from the mold and cool.

6. Slice the cooled sheet into 4 slices 1.5cm thick.

7. Whip the cold whipped cream with sugar, then add cherry jam and whip it, then put it in a piping bag.

8. Put one sheet on a rotating plate, sprinkle sugar syrup and cream, then flatten it, put another sheet on it, sprinkle syrup and apply cream.

9. Put cherry jam (60g) on ​​top of the cream, put a sheet on it, sprinkle sugar syrup on it, put the cream on top, put the remaining sheet on top and put it in the refrigerator.

10. Put the dark couverture chocolate, unsalted butter, and whipped cream in a bowl, put it on top of hot water, melt it in a hot water bath, and then harden it in the freezer for 25 to 30 minutes.

11. Whip the hardened chocolate mixture to make cream, spread it over the entire cake, and let it harden in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes.

12. Pour 27 degree ganache on the edge of the cake, sprinkle cocoa powder, and finish with canned cherries.