Cherry Cake | Amazing Desserts | Easy Cherry Butter Cream Cake Recipe

I made a square-shaped cherry buttercream cake decorated with coveted cherries. I baked the sheet in pink to match the cherry, and used two creams, white and pink. I put cherry jam in the pink cream, but the jam I used contains cherry kernels, so I cut it into small pieces. I made it in a square shape to make it cute to match the cherry, but it’s pretty because it has a different feel. Buttercream is good when stored in the refrigerator so that it hardens and does not lose its shape when cut. I think the soft buttercream and the taste of cherry go well together.

▶Mold size: 16.5cm.


190g Egg 

100g Sugar

13g Honey

2g Vanilla extract 

35g Unsalted butter 

55g Milk

120g Cake flour 

Red food coloring

300g Unsalted butter 

300g Powdered sugar 

85g Whipping cream

6g Vanilla extract 

85g Cherry jam 


1. Place a bowl of eggs on a pot of hot water, add sugar, honey, and vanilla extract, and stir until the temperature reaches 40 degrees.

2. Whip with a hand mixer until it becomes a rich ivory-colored foam, then add red food coloring to color, sift the soft flour and mix.

3. Pour a little of the dough into a bowl of melted unsalted butter and milk (temperature 50-60 degrees), mix, put in the main dough, mix, pour into a 16.5 cm square mold, and bake in an oven preheated to 170 degrees for 40 minutes.

4. After cooling the cake sheet, cut off the top, cut into 3 pieces and trim the edges.

5. Soften the unsalted butter that has softened at room temperature, divide the sugar powder into 3 batches and whip it, then add the whipped cream and vanilla extract and whip it sufficiently for 5 minutes or more until it becomes rich.

6. Put 1/3 of the cream in a piping bag, add cherry jam and a little red food coloring to the remaining cream and mix to make cherry cream and put it in a piping bag.

7. Squeeze the two creams alternately on a cake sheet and place the other sheet on top. Repeat one more time.

8. Apply cherry cream on the outside and top, and alternately place cream and cherry on the top edge.