Cheesecake with Only 4 Ingredients | No Oven, No Gelatin | Make Cheesecake Easily With Only 4 Ingredients At Home

No oven, no gelatin. A cheesecake that you can make easily with only 4 ingredients. You can add sponge cake or fruits to make it like a scoop cake, or you can also scoop with a spoon and serve on a plate. You can make and eat easily. Definitely try to make it.


➢About 800ml (27 oz)

200g cream cheese 30%

300g whipping cream 35%

60g sugar

10g lemon juice

➢About 530ml (18 oz)

130g cream cheese 30%

200g whipping cream 35%

40g sugar

7g lemon juice


1. Warm up the cream cheese a little to soften it.(Use hard cream cheese with 30% fat.)

2. Whisk while cooling the whipping cream, add lemon juice after whipped like this. (The whipped cream gets hard when you add lemon juice and mix it.)

3. Add a little whipped cream to the cream cheese and mix, put the cream back in a large bowl and mix.

4. Put it in a container and let it cool a little before eating , put sponge cake, biscuits, fruits, etc. in here and make it like a scoop cake is good too.

5. Crush the oreo and garnish it on a plate , put the cheesecake on top of this. Decorate with sauces, fruits, herbs and more. (I used passion fruit sauce, peaches and raspberries.)

6. Warm up the spoon with hot water. You can also serve it on a plate or put it in a glass.