Cheesecake Bars | So Delicious and Tempting | Cheesecake Bars Recipe So Light and Delicate

I made a stick cheesecake with soft cream on top of a moist baked cheesecake. Cheesecake alone is delicious, but adding cream on top makes it look pretty and tastes even better. The Daize cookie used as a crust below adds texture and is crispy when eaten with it, so I think it was much more delicious. I sprinkled lotus powder on top, and it tasted good and looked more appetizing. I think it looks stylish and easy to eat when cut into a long bar shape.

▶Mold size: 15cm.


90g Crushed digestive cookie 

45g Melted unsalted butter 

250g Cream cheese

60g Sugar 

75g Egg 

3g Vanilla extract

45g Whipping cream 

10g Cake flour

170g Cold cream cheese 

25g Sugar 

100g Whipping cream


1. Mix the crushed Daize cookie and melted unsalted butter, press it firmly on the bottom of the 15cm mold, and put it in the refrigerator.

2. Soften the cream cheese, add sugar and mix, then add the egg and vanilla extract and mix.

3. Add fresh cream, mix, sieve soft flour, mix, pour through a sieve in a mold, bake in an oven preheated to 150 degrees for 40 minutes, cool at room temperature, and cool in the refrigerator.

4. Add sugar to cold cream cheese, loosen it gently, add fresh cream and whip it to make cream, and put it in a piping bag.

5. Remove the cooled cake from the mold, top with cream, cut the edges and divide into thirds, and sprinkle with powdered sugar and crushed lotus cookies to finish.