Castella Creme Caramel | How To Make Dessert That Combines Flan And Castella Cake

I made a dessert that combines flan and castella cake this time. I added mascarpone to the flan and put espresso on the castella cake as the finishing touch. This is one of my favourites.

It’s difficult to bake this recipe, so please note the following 4 points.
・All ingredients should be at room temperature
・Bring the milk to a boil
・Bake in an oven while the flan is warm
・Pour boiling water


➢Glass(200ml) – for 4 cakes

50g sugar

20g water

20g hot water

160g mascarpone

70g sugar

250g milk

1 egg yolk

3 eggs


2 egg whites

1 egg yolk

45g sugar

45g flour

15g milk

15g butter

Heat in a water-bath

160℃ 40min.


1. First, I’m making a flan caramel. Eggs and mascarpone are used at room temperature. You can use cream cheese instead of mascarpone. Mix the boiling milk.(If the liquid of this flan is cold, it won’t harden when baked.) Use boiled milk and both eggs and mascarpone at room temperature.

2. Make a castella cake batter. Add sugar little by little. Separate the flour 2 times and then put it in. Mix warm milk and butter.

3. Pour the flan into glasses.

4. Place the castella batter on top. Heat it in a water-bath, put boiling water in it.(Please note that if the water is hot enough, the flan won’t harden.If you give a shock to the castella while it’s hot, it won’t easily wither.)

5. Put it in the fridge once it has cooled down. Soak the castella cake with espresso. Of course, it’s delicious without espresso too.

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