Caramel Custard | Easy Recipe | Caramel Custard Without Oven

This time, I will introduce pudding that can be made in a pot without using an oven or steamer. You will need a large pot and a cafe au lait bowl. It’s a sweet-bitter caramel so it might be a pudding for adults. I love this classic firm pudding. You can buy puddings at supermarkets, but you can only taste this caramel when you make it yourself. Please try making this classic delicious pudding at home.


-About 500ml Caramel Custard30g sugar

2 tsp(10ml) water

1 tsp(5ml) water

3 egg yolks

3 whole eggs

60g sugar

2 tsp vanilla extract

350ml milk


1. First, spread the butter lightly to make it easier to remove the pudding.

2. Sugar is 30g + 50g is wrong. Make the caramel with water and sugar. I like caramel because it has a strong bitterness, so I strongly caramelized it. If you use caramel with strong bitterness, the taste of pudding will change drastically. Compared to sweet pudding and bitter caramel, the taste becomes more complicated and more delicious.

* It’s no exaggeration to say that caramel can greatly change the taste of the pudding, so make sure you caramelize it.

3. Switch the heat from low to medium. Turn off the heat here and wait for a moment. Caramelization will proceed even if the fire is turned off. When the caramel smells good and the color becomes dark, add water to lower the temperature. Be careful of burns when making the caramel.

* I think it looks a lot like black caramel, but this is the secret of the pudding.

4. Add enough water to the pan so that the bowl does not sink. The water level is such that the finger does not touch the water when you take it out. Keep the water to boil.

5. Use eggs at room temperature. If the pudding liquid is cold, it will take longer to solidify, especially in the center. When mixing the eggs, do not lather them. Bubbles are a hindrance when making pudding, so try to avoid foaming as much as possible. Add the vanilla.

6. Warm the milk to raise the temperature of the pudding liquid. Warm-up to about 80°C without boiling.

7. Add milk gradually while mixing. After mixing, the temperature will be about 50℃. Rest assured that eggs do not solidify at 50°C.

8. Filter and pour into a container. If there is too much foam at this time, remove it with a spoon.

9. Place the bowl in the pan and cover. Stop the fire and wait for 40 minutes. Shake to see if it has solidified. If it hasn’t solidified, turn on the heat, bring the water to 80°C, put the lid on, and wait for 15 minutes.

10. Remove the pudding and let it cool. The bowl is very hot, so you can cool it down a little in the pan before taking it out. When it cools down to a certain degree, wrap it and chill it in the refrigerator overnight.

11. I took out the chilled pudding, but since the coated butter is solid, warm it with hot water for a while. Warm for about 30 seconds. Turn it over on a plate and shake it back and forth, left and right.

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