Banana Cheese Cake | How To Make Beautiful Banana Decorating!

Hello. Today I made a soft and moist banana cheesecake . The crust was prepared savory by adding pecans, unrefined sugar, and melted butter to the familiar Daize Whole Wheat Cookies, Plenty of ripe bananas were crushed into the cheesecake batter and baked so that the flavor of the banana could be felt. It contains plenty of bananas, so even those who don’t like sour cheesecake will be able to enjoy it comfortably. It goes very well even if you add caramel, so try various applications!

▶No.1 size (diameter 15cm) for 1 detachable cake mold



Daize 66g (6ea)

unrefined sugar 10g

20g pecan

30g melted butter

(Banana Cheesecake)

250g cream cheese

100g sour cream

60g sugar A pinch of salt

45g whole egg

4g vanilla extract

15g cornstarch

200g banana

(Chanty Cream)

100g whipped cream

20g mascarpone

1g vanilla extract

10g sugar

* 2 bananas for decoration,8g pecans, dill



1. Put the daisy in a ziplock bag and crush it by lightly pressing it with a rolling pin.

2. Add sugar and chopped pecans and mix lightly.

3. Add melted butter and mix to spread evenly.

4. When the overall butter is coated and fluffy, pan it all in the prepared pan.

5. Shake lightly to make it flat, then gently press it with your hand or tool to arrange it.

6. Let it sit for a while while making the dough.

(Banana Cheesecake)

1. Soften the cream cheese at room temperature.

2. Add sour cream and loosen it so that there are no lumps

3. Add sugar and salt and mix well with cream cheese.

4. When the cheese mass is well dissolved, change the tool to a whipper and add eggs and vanilla extract 3 times.

5. When the dough is well mixed, add cornstarch through a sieve, and mix slowly with a whipper standing up.

6. Add crushed bananas and mix lightly to finish.

7. Put the mold on the concave pan for boiling water and pan the dough.

8. Make the dough flat by tapping lightly, and pour hot water of about 80 degrees to a height of about 1cm.

9. Bake in an oven preheated to 160 degrees for 50 minutes to 1 hour. (based on Unox)

10. Bake until the top is completely dry and the toast color is pale, then cool completely and ferment in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours.

(Chanty Cream + Complete)

1. Add all ingredients to a bowl at once and mix with a hand mixer at low speed.

2. When the ingredients are well mixed and the mascarpone is released, increase the speed to make a thick, flowing cream.

(I uploaded a little bit in today’s video, but if you want to make a melting visual, I like how heavy the cream flows when you drop it)

3. Put all the cream on the prepared cake.

4. Make a mark with spatula and spread it out roughly.

5. Slice the banana for decoration (about 4-5mm).

6. Lay the banana lightly and place it around the edge of the cake as it is.

7. Put the end of the topping banana under the beginning to give it a natural finish.

8. Finish with pecans and herbs (dill).