Apple Mint Cake | Making Fresh Apple Mint Whipped Cream Cake at Home

Hi! This cake is Apple Mint Cake. I chose a green apple, a fruit that is refreshing and heralds the end of summer and the beginning of autumn. It was my first time trying apple whipped cream cake, so I consider a lot about how it would taste. In the end, I made a mint flavored apple cake to match the image of a green apple. Mint flavor is from mint candy. This is the method I used for the mint chocolate whipped cream cake in my previous video. Instead, I made a recipe so that the mint flavor is not too strong. Apples were boiled to make jelly. I also used the juice to make a syrup for the sheets. Since apples break down protein, they must be boiled before use. And I used not only gelatin but also agar agar powder. I applied the apple-colored half mirror glaze. The fault line looks prettier in design. Check out the video for 100% successful mirror glaze. I also decorated this with mini green apples. The neat decorations seem to match the taste of this cake. I think the taste is very good because of the soft mint and the refreshing apple chewing. It will draw you want to eat it again and again. I hope you try it.


♥︎Apple Jelly Layer

140g apples, diced into 5mm cube ( used less than 1 apple)

8g lemon juice

20g water

30g sugar

1g agar agar powder

2g gelatin

(For the structure of the jelly, after boiling it, take only 50g of it to make puree, and then use it by mixing it again.)

♥︎Apple Syrup

80g apple juice

20g sugar

♥︎Mint flavored whipped cream

410g heavy cream

35g mint candy, finely ground

15g icing sugar

♥Mirror Glaze

6g gelatin

38g water

75g corn syrup

75g sugar

75g white chocolate couverture

50g condensed milk


Mini green apple (Where to buy Alps Otome mini: )

Eclair piping tip

♥︎Genoise (15cm)

90g cake flour

1g salt

140g eggs

90g sugar

35g milk

20g butter

4g vanilla extract


1. Washed apples, peeled and seeded. Then, cut apple into 5mm cube shapes. Don’t forget lemon. It adds freshness and prevents browning. Add water. Be sure to add 1g of agar agar powder here. More effective than gelatin.

2. Soak the gelatin in ice water in advence.

3. Put it on medium heat and when it boils, simmer for 3 minutes.

4. Take 50g of this and blend it. The puree should be mixed to hold the apple cubes well.

5. Put the puree back into the boiled apples and mix. Squeeze out the water from the soaked gelatin, then add it and dissolve it. In the meantime, if the boiled apple has cooled down, reheat it to 40~60℃ and dissolve the gelatin. Dissolving the gelatin in something that is too hot may cause the gelatin to lose its hardening properties.

6. The bottom part of this mousse ring is covered with cling wrap. Place in the refrigerator or freezer until it hardens.

7. Use apple juice to make a syrup for the sheet. After simmering the apple juice for a while, turn off the heat and allow it to cool completely.

8. use mint candy to make mint flavored whipped cream. It is easier to get than mint essence, and the mint flavor is delicious and not overwhelming. Mint candy contains corn syrup, so if you grind it into a powder, it will be sticky. It is good to add a little corn starch together. And grind it very finely.

9. There are clearly less grated lumps. filter it through a fine sieve. Measure the amount to be added to the whipped cream. If the mint flavor is too strong, the apple flavor will be lost. So I mixed peppermint candy powder and sugar powder. If you do it in this ratio, flavor is so nice.

10. Add mint candy powder and icing sugar mixture.

11. It is 60% whipped. Reserve 200g of the whipped cream. It’s enough for the icing and piping. Whip the remaining cream until stiff as it needs to support the apple jelly.

12. The sheet used the Genoise. The recipe is in the description box below.

13. First, soak the apple syrup to the sheet. Make a dam so that the apple jelly doesn’t move, and put it in there.

14. Whip the whipped cream for icing. In this case, it should be 85% whipped. When you fold it with a spatula, the sides are sharp and the body is tightly supported.

15.  It is good that the peak of the cream is gently bent. Place the cake in the freezer for about 40 minutes before the mirror glaze.

16. Make mirror glaze. Soak the gelatin in ice water for 10 minutes. Put water, corn syrup and sugar in a pot and bring to a boil.

17. Meanwhile, put the condensed milk in the white chocolate. As soon as the sugar is all dissolved and the water starts to boil, check the temperature. When it reaches 103 degrees C, turned off the heat immediately. If you boil it further, the glaze will be too thick. Then immediately pour into a cup with white chocolate and condensed milk. Melt the white chocolate completely. When the chocolate is completely melted, put in the soaked and drained gelatin and dissolve it.

18. Mix green and yellow food coloring. The reason I made it in a narrow cup is because I will blend it at the end. It is to minimize the motion of the blender so as not to put air bubbles. It is recommended that the blender does not have a bell part. Insert it at an angle so that no air is trapped inside. Avoid grinding air. When start, try not to move the blender too much. Do not move up and down.

19. Finally, sieve it. This will filter out any lumps and air bubbles. Cover the wrap from attaching to the glaze surface. Cool down to 35℃.

20. Cover about 1/3 of the top of the cake with parchment paper. Pour the glaze over the center of the remaining space. At this time, the temperature of the glaze is 34-35℃. Pour slowly along the edges. Wait until the glaze stops dripping. Carefully remove the glaze with a spatula. Remove it inward from outside.