Apple Macaron | Unique Desserts | How To Make Apple Macaron at Home

I made a deliciously sandwiched apple macaron with fragrant and sweet apples. The taste of roasted cocoa powder with a little bit of cocoa powder goes well with the apple, and it contains boiled apples, so you can eat it moistly. It goes well with cream cheese cream, and it is delicious even if you eat it cold. It’s a macaron I made in a different color, and it looks pretty and tastes really good.

▶About 12 servings.


1 Apple

40g Sugar

2g Cornstarch

5g Lemon juice

50g Almond powder 

40g Powdered sugar

2g Cocoa powder

40g Egg white

40g Sugar 

25g Unsalted butter 20g Powdered sugar

35g Cream cheese 

1/8ts Vanilla bean paste


1. Put small chopped apples, sugar, and cornstarch in a pot and boil stirring until the moisture disappears and becomes viscous, then add lemon juice and simmer a little more.

2. Using a 3.5cm round mold, put the boiled apples, shape them, and freeze them in the freezer.

3. Sift almond powder, sugar powder, and cocoa powder. (Please throw away the remaining coarse almond powder to make a smooth coke.

4. While whipping the egg white, when a large bubble appears, divide the sugar and whip it to make a hard meringue.

5. Sift the powder one more time, mix it, and make macaronage. When it comes to the point where it falls off heavy, put it in a piping bag.

6. Pan in an oven pan, flatten, and dry at room temperature until a film is formed without sticking to the surface. Bake in an oven preheated to 160 degrees for 6 minutes, or in an oven to 140 degrees for 10 minutes.

7. Loosen the unsalted butter sufficiently, add sugar powder and whip it abundantly, then add cream cheese and vanilla bean paste and whip until white to make cream.

8. Squeeze a little cream on the coke, put the frozen apple on top, squeeze the cream and put the other coke on top, then sand it and let it mature in the refrigerator.