How To Make Delicious Vanilla Tart | Easy To Do Easy To ind

This time it’s a tart using white vanilla from Nameraka Cream. Cute and delicious finished with mint.

♥ Ingredient

Gelatin leaves 1.7g

Fresh cream 160g

White Chocolate 40g

Sugar 10g

1/2  vanilla pod

♥ Recipe

1. Soak the gelatin leaves in cold water for 20 minutes.

2. Melt white chocolate

3. Add vanilla to whipped cream and bring to a boil

4. When the fresh cream reaches 60℃, add the gelatin leaves and melt.

5. Pour into a colander and mix with white chocolate to melt.

6. Mix the mixture in the form of bars, cover and refrigerate for 8 hours

7. After taking it out of the fridge, whip it with ice

♥ Ingredient 

Unsalted Butter 75g

Almond powder 25g

Powdered sugar 50g

Salt 1g

Whole egg 30g

Flour 125g

1. Sieve A

2. Beat the butter and mix with a whisk

3. Add A several times and mix well each time

4. Add little by little to the egg mixture in 3 to 5 batches.

5. Mix with a rubber spatula as if cutting, transfer to a card and mix to weave

6. The cake flour alone passes through the sieve 5 in 2-3 times

7. While the dough is still slightly doughy, wrap it in cling film and let it rest in the refrigerator for 8 hours.

8. Sprinkle with flour and roll out the dough (no kneading required)

9. Put in the mold, take it out and let it rest for 1 hour

10. Spread aluminum foil and place tart ice (aluminum is better than baking sheet)

11. Preheat oven to 170°C and bake at 160°C for 20 minutes.

♥ Ingredient

Almond ice cream

Unsalted Butter 40g

Powdered sugar 20g

Whole egg 35g

Almond powder 40g

Tapioca 10g

Sugar 20g

The right amount of black cherries

1. Beat butter and mix powdered sugar

2. Measure the beaten egg and divide it into 3, divide the almond flour

3. Add cake powder and granulated sugar and mix well

4. Chill in the fridge for at least 3 hours

5. Squeeze into tarts and add dark cherries

6. Preheat oven and bake at 180℃ for 16-18 minutes

♥ Ingredient

Chocolate ganache ice cream

Dark Chocolate 50g

Fresh cream 30g

Turmeric starch 8g

Butter 10g

1. Melt the chocolate

2. Put starch syrup into fresh cream, boil in microwave and mix well.

3. Mix fresh cream and chocolate, beat well, add butter and mix well.