🍫Chocolate Coffee Short Cake | Such a Flavorful Cake That You’r Have Eaten One Piece After Another.

🍫Hi everyone, I am who loves dessert. Raise your hand if you love cake but are afraid of sweetness. Today I’m going to teach you how to make a cake with simple ingredients that is delicious and not too sweet.

Ingredients :

Vegetable Oil 30g

Cocoa Powder 8g

Milk 30g

Cake Flour 25g

Egg 3pcs

Sugar 40+35g

Salt 1g

Whipping Cream 400+20ml

Instant Soluble Coffee Powder 3.6g

Chocolate 20g

Chocolate Ball

Mold Size : 28cm*28cm

Recipe :

1. First, pour 30 grams of vegetable oil into a bowl, add 8 grams of cocoa powder. Mix well with an egg whisk. This will minimize lumps of cocoa powder. Then add 30 g of milk. Stir until the liquid is fully emulsified and no milk is visible.

2. Sift in 25 grams of cake flour, gently mix in a circular motion.
until no dry flour is visible. Put 3 egg yolks into the cocoa batter. Mix in a zigzag shape to prevent the batter from gluten emerging . Mix the batter to a flowing texture.

3. Add 1 gram of salt to 3 egg whites. The salt improves the stability of the egg white bubbles. Start mixing on medium-high speed. Make sure that the container and the whisk are free of oil and water. After beating for about 30 seconds, add 40 grams of sugar in three batches. Beat the egg whites until they get the soft peaks and then stop beating.

4. First take one third of the meringue and mix it with the egg yolk batter. You can mix them gently with an egg whisk. Then pour the entire mixture into the meringue. Mix them thoroughly with a spatula.

5. Pour the well-mixed cake batter into the mold. I used a 28cm by 28cm square baking pan with a baking sheet on the bottom. Flatten the surface of the cake. Shake the baking pan to expel large air bubbles. Place in preheated oven and bake at 165 degrees C for 25 minutes. The temperature of oven varies slightly, so you can adjust the baking time according to your oven.

6. The cake is cooked when there is a significant retraction after puffing and smells good. Pour 400 ml of refrigerated overnight whipping cream into a bowl. Add two sachets of instant soluble coffee powder and 35 grams of sugar. For big coffee fans, add 3 bags. Stir slightly to prevent powder from splashing. Whip on medium-low speed. For those who don’t have much experience, don’t whip the whipping cream on high speed. Beat the whipping cream until it reaches about 70% or 80% whipped.

7. Cut off about 0.5 cm from each side of the cooled cake. Divide the cake into four rectangles of 6.5 cm by 26 cm. Using a piping bag, squeeze the cream onto the surface of the cake. Spread the cream smoothly. Roll up a slice of cake. Roll up another slice of cake. Place on a turning table and attach the remaining cake to the cake roll. Fill in the slits with the sides of the cake that you just cut off. Cut a bevel at the end of the last slice of cake. Using a piping bag, squeeze cream all around and on top of the cake. Smooth it.

8. Squeeze out eight small flowers with a small piping nozzle. Decorate with chocolate balls. Melt 20 ml of hot whipping cream with 20 g of chocolate. Squeeze the chocolate topping around the cake. Finish. Simple and beautiful cakes can be decorated with very common ingredients like these. The coffee-flavored cream is a perfect match for the chocolate-flavored cake bases.