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Princess Cake | Making Easy Princess Cake 💖| Swedish Princess Cake Recipe

made an elegant princess cake reminiscent of a dress . It’s a Swedish dessert cake with starch in it, and it feels like it’s baked and raspberry jam, custard and dip cream are really delicious . I make a lot of green marzipan on the outside, but this time I made the green color softer Baking a cake layered and icing is not very difficult. I wanted to make the dress look down, so I made a white pattern around it. This cake is delicious and pretty as it takes a lot of time and care. Enjoy watching .

Mold size Mold size: 18cm.

▶ Ingredients

4 Egg yolks

75g Sugar

25g Corn starch

1 / 4ts Vanilla bean paste

400g hot milk

4 Eggs

130g Sugar

3g Vanilla extract

120g Plain flour

40g Corn starch

15g Milk

160g Raspberry jam

200g Whipping cream

20g Sugar

300g Custard cream

240g Almond powder

200g Powdered sugar

50g Honey

30g Water

Food coloring (white, red, green)

▶ Recipe

1. Mix egg yolk with sugar, add corn starch, mix with vanilla bean paste, pour hot milk little by little and mix.

2. Stir over low heat, heat until thickened, transfer to another bowl, wrap and cool.

3. Add sugar and vanilla extract to the egg, whip with a hand mixer until rich ivory bubbles are formed, and mix with gravity and corn starch.

4. Add milk, mix, divide the dough into three, bake for 15 minutes in the oven preheated to 180 degrees, and make three sheets and cool.

5. Squeeze the cooled custard cream into a sieve and soften it, then mix 300g of whipped cream with 50% whipped cream to make a dipmat cream.

6. Place 1 sheet on a plate, roll up raspberry jam, roll up another sheet, roll up custard cream and roll up another sheet.

7. Apply Diplomat Cream as a whole, round the top and place in the fridge.

8. Mix almond flour and sugar powder in a bowl, add water and honey, and mix with white food coloring.

9. Put a little bit of dough and add green food coloring to the remaining dough to make light green marzipan.

10. Add about 2/3 of the remaining dough with red food coloring and mix to make a pink marzipan.

11. Spread the green marzipan wide, cover the cake smoothly, and then push the remaining white dough out, shape it, and attach it to the bottom of the cake with water.

12. Make a flower with a pink marzipan, sprinkle some sugar powder on the cake and put the flower in the middle to finish.

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