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Christmas Battenberg Cake | Desserts So Beautiful | Great Battenberg Marzipan Recipe

I made a Battenberg cake with a Christmas feel by stacking red and green sheets in turns. Bake a pound cake, cut it into long squares, apply orange jam between them, and wrap it in marzipan with sugar to give it a more winter feel, and I think it’s shiny and pretty. It’s a pound cake with cream cheese, so it’s flavorful and more delicious. I think it is important to cut the pound cake into the same size in order to improve the perfection of this cake. I used orange jam, but since it has a lot of pulp, I used it through a sieve. You can use apricot jam or other jam for jam. I made a pattern on the top and decorated it with bead-shaped sprinkles, which gives it a more luxurious feel and is pretty. It’s a lot of work to make, but once you make it, it’s a visual that will bring out the Christmas atmosphere.

▶Mold size : 15.5 x 7.8 x 6.5cm.


150g Unsalted butter

75g Cream cheese

100g Sugar

a pinch of Salt

2g Vanilla extract

150g Egg

200g Plain flour

4g Baking Powder

Food coloring (red, green, black)

120g Almond powder

90g Powdered sugar

25g Honey

15g Water

Food coloring (white)


1. Soften the butter, add cream cheese, sugar and salt and mix, then add vanilla extract and 1/3 of the egg and mix.

2. Divide the remaining eggs in 2 batches and mix. Sift the flour and baking powder through a sieve, mix, and divide the dough into 2 parts.

3. Put red and black pigments in one place and mix to make red. In the other place, add green and black pigments and mix to make green dough.

4. Put each dough into a mold and flatten it, bake in an oven preheated to 170 degrees for 30~35 minutes and cool.

5. Cut the top, sides and bottom of the cooled cake and cut it in half.

6. Apply orange jam on the sheet and alternately combine the two colors.

7. Sift almond powder and sugar powder, add honey and water and mix together into a lump, then add white food coloring and mix to make marzipan.

8. Roll out the marzipan, cut it according to the width of the cake, put it on the cake, and let it harden in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes.

9. Make a pattern on the top, sprinkle with sugar, and decorate with sprinkles.

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