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Tree cake | Super Cute And Delicious | Easy Christmas Tree cake Recipe

I made a green tea raspberry cake in the shape of a tree full of Christmas atmosphere! When green tea sheets are stacked according to size and decorated with frill pods, they come out in a neat tree shape. I sprinkled a lot of sugar powder and it looked more like a snow-covered tree. The color harmony of the whipped cream with green tea sheet and raspberry is subtle and pretty and the fresh taste is really good.  Have a happy Christmas♥.


Green tea sponge cake sheet


Whipped raspberry cream (200g whipping cream + 100g raspberry jam)

Whipped green cream (200g whipping cream + 20g sugar + green food coloring)

Sugar syrup


1. Print out two green tea sponge sheets by size.

2. Place 1 largest sheet on the wheel, sprinkle with sugar syrup, add raspberry jam, apply whipped cream, and place a sheet of the same size.

3. Repeat and apply the cream on the sheets in the order of the largest size, then apply the cream all over.

4. Put green whipped cream into a piping bag fitted with tip 103 and squeeze from the bottom of the cake.

5. Sprinkle with sugar powder and sprinkles for decoration.

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