Milk Bun with Garlic Cheese Dip | Brie Cheese Milk Bread | Fluffy Milk Bun with Garlic Cheese Dip Recipe

I made soft milk bread so that it can be eaten by dipping it in garlic cheese sauce. You can change the sauce to jam or chocolate according to your taste. It is also good to have with coffee when guests come to the house.


[Diameter 24cm]

✤ Dough Ingredients

220g Bread flour (1, 3/4 cup) all-purpose flour available

140ml Warm milk

20g (2tbsp) Sugar

3 g (1tsp) Salt

4g (2tsp) Instant dry yeast

20g (2tbsp) Room temperature unsalted butter

✤ Dipping Sauce

Brie cheese (camembert) 125g

1 tbsp Digged brie cheese

1 tbsp Mozzarella cheese (2tbsp brie cheese if omitted)

0.5 tbsp Honey

0.5 tsp Minced garlic

Parsley (topping)

✤ Ingredients to be applied

A little warm milk (before baking)

10g Melted unsalted butter (after baking)


1. 140ml warm milk+ 4g (2tsp) Instant dry yeast + 20g (2tbsp) Sugar. First melt the yeast, 220g (1, 3/4 cup) Bread flour + 3g (1tsp) Salt. After mixing the salt into the flour, mix all ingredients.

2. A hand kneader that silently does its job. Mix well without flour + 20g (2tbsp) Room temperature unsalted butter, mix well with the dough. If the butter permeates the dough well and becomes smooth Apply oil to prevent the dough from sticking. Cover and ferment 2-3 times in a warm place (36℃~38℃).

3. 125g Brie cheese, cut off the top, after leaving a wall about 7mm dig out and make a cheese bowl + 1tbsp Brie cheese + 0.5tsp Minced garlic + 1tbsp Mozzarella cheese + 0.5tbsp Honey. Cheese sauce wait for a while.

4. 1 hour after fermentation, cut out 1/10. Make a flat dough with a thickness of 2mm a bit wider than brie cheese. Spread the dough on the oven pan, cheese bowl sits in the center.

5. Divide the remaining dough in half, divide into 14-15 equal parts each. Make into small balls (about 13g each) This small one will be 2-3 times bigger. Attach it to the cheese wall. It gets bigger and bigger, so leave a space in between. Leave the back row crossed. Fill in the empty space with a smaller ball. Cover the dough and let it ferment at room temperature for 30 minutes.

6. Add the cheese sauce reattach the lid and then. Warm milk, brush with milk for browning.

7. Now in an oven preheated to 170°C (338°F). Bake at 170°C (338°F) for 20 minutes (may vary depending on oven specifications). Melted unsalted butter .Eat the lid separately, parsley.

8. The beautiful garden surrounding Cheese Lake, let’s climb it with our mouths Wow. Garlic cheese flavor, I want to keep swimming at the cheese lake. Soft and fluffy. Fun to rip, fun to dip, mouth and hands are all fun.