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Mini Souffle Cheesecake | How To Make Mini Souffle Cheesecake So Incredibly Fluffy And Soft

I made a mini cheesecake by baking a moist soufflé cheesecake in a muffin mold. You can bake it large, but I baked it small this time, and it is easy to eat and very convenient to store. It is baked with the steam method at a low temperature, so it is soft and the color is soft, giving it a lovely feeling The top of soufflé cheesecake can be cracked easily while baking in the oven, so it is good to release steam by opening the oven door briefly in the middle of baking. I turned off the steam once every 10 minutes, once every 15 minutes, and once every 20 minutes while watching the state of the cake. When cheesecake is cooled at room temperature and then aged in the refrigerator, the flavor of the cheese is stronger and the taste is much better. A little bit of apricot jam was spread on the top and it looked more appetizing, and I liked that it had a slightly sweet and sour taste.

▶Cup size: 6.5cm for 5 pieces.


110g Cream cheese

40g Unsalted butter

75g Milk

3 Egg yolks

3g Vanilla extract

5g Lemon juice

30g Cake flour

10g Corn starch

3 Egg whites

60g Sugar


1. Mix cream cheese, unsalted butter, and milk with a medium bath until it melts smoothly, then add egg yolk, vanilla extract, and lemon juice and mix.

2. Sift the soft flour and corn starch and mix.

3. While whipping the egg whites, when large bubbles appear, divide the sugar into 3 portions and whip to make meringue with soft horns.

4. Divide the meringue into the yolk dough in 3 batches, mix, pour into a muffin mold fitted with a parchment paper cup, and clear the air bubbles.

5. Place the pan with the dough on the pan of hot water and bake in an oven preheated to 120 degrees for 25 minutes.

6. Cool at room temperature and put in the refrigerator to cool, then apply apricot jam on the top.

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