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If You Have Ricotta Cheese, Make Do Ricotta Pancake | Nutella-Stuffed Ricotta Cheese Pancake Recipe

I made a sweet pancake with ricotta cheese, soft and soft, and stuffed with Nutella! The really soft, moist and delicious ricotta cheese pancake goes well with the sweet nutella taste. It is also in harmony with the crunchy apple compote. If you have ricotta cheese, make sure to make it.


2 Egg yolks

240g Ricotta cheese

200g Milk 

1/2ts Vanilla extract

30g Sugar

1/4ts Salt

120g Plain flour

1/2ts Baking powder

2 Egg whites

cooking oil


Apple compote

Sugar powder

Apple mint


1. Add egg yolk, ricotta cheese, milk, vanilla extract to bowl mix, add sugar+salt and mix.

2. Add Sift Plain flour+Baking powder and mix.

3. Put egg whites in another bowl and whip to make meringue.

4. Add the meringue to the egg yolk dough and mix.

5. Put some cooking oil on the pan and raise the dough.

6. Put the nutella in the middle and cover it with dough.

7. When air bubbles come up on the top, turn over and bake a little more.

8. Decorat with apple compote, sugar powder, apple mint.

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