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Can’t Believe You Can Make This Cake at Home | Oreo Crepe Roll Cake | Very Nice And Delicious

I made a crepe roll cake with plenty of Oreo flavor. I added black cocoa powder to make the crepe look like Oreo, and the cream was also made with butter cream similar to Oreo cream, and it was really full of Oreo flavor. The contrast between black and white is clear, so it looks like it has a unique feeling. Instead of black cocoa powder, you can use regular cocoa powder and black food coloring to create a color. It’s butter cream, so when it hardens in the refrigerator, it hardens and cuts neatly when cut, and melts softly when it enters the mouth.


3 Eggs

30g Sugar

150g Cake flour

10g Black cocoa powder

20g Oreo powder

400g Milk

3g Vanilla extract

50g Melted unsalted butter

200g Unsalted butter

40g Oreo cream

170g Powdered sugar

20g Heavy cream

5g Vanilla extract

25g Oreo powder


1. Add sugar to an egg, mix, and sift the soft flour and black cocoa powder.

2. Add Oreo powder, milk 60g, and vanilla extract. Add all remaining milk and mix.

3. Add melted unsalted butter, mix, sift through a sieve, cover with wrap, and put in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes.

4. Pour the dough into a pan over low heat and bake thinly. When air bubbles rise, turn over and bake a little more. Remove from the pan and cool.

5. Gently dissolve unsalted butter, add Oreo cream, mix, add sugar powder, and whip enough for about 5 minutes.

6. Add fresh cream and vanilla extract and mix, then add Oreo powder and mix.

7. Lay out the crepe, apply a thin layer of cream, and roll the crepe from the end.

8. Do not repeat, wrap with parchment paper to shape and harden in the refrigerator for about 3 hours.

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