Peach Cake🍑 | How To Make A Sweet Cake Filled With Peaches Delicious

I made a sweet cake filled with peaches! Icing it with cream of three colors on the outside gives it a lovely feeling. It’s summer, so it’s not easy to make a whipped cream cake because the cream melts. The soft sheets and the refreshingly chewy peaches go well together, so it’s really delicious.


315g Canned Peach

10g Sugar

10g Lemon juice

2ts Corn starch + 2ts Water

15cm sponge cake sheet 3 sheets


Sugar syrup

Yellow whipped cream (70g cream + 7g sugar + yellow food coloring)

Pink whipped cream (70g cream + 7g sugar + red food coloring)

White whipped cream (300g cream + 30g sugar)

Deco Sugar powder



1. Cut canned peaches into cubes, put them in a saucepan with sugar and lemon juice, boil them, then add cornstarch and water, boil them a little more, then remove from heat to cool.

2. Add food coloring to whipped cream (70g) and mix to make yellow cream and pink cream.

3. Place a sheet on the cake roll, sprinkle with sugar syrup, and apply a thin layer of white whipped cream, squeeze the rim in a circle, and put (1) in the circle. Repeat one more time.

4. Place the last sheet and lightly coat the whole with white whipped cream.

5. Apply pink, yellow, and white cream on the side of the cake in order, icing it smoothly, and shape it with a spatula.

6. Shape the top view and decorate with deco snow and sprinkles.


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