How To Make Raspberry Cake Recipe | Delicious New Ice Cream Recipe

Today I made a raspberry cake with a cookie on the side.

I put a piece of biscuit on the side, but I made it not hard or loose.

The combination of refreshing and fragrant raspberries and a soft cream is superb.

I put a lot of raspberries on the cake.

So it’s so good that raspberry seeds are chewed every time I eat it.

* Ingredient

(15cm * 5cm, 1pc.)

150g pureed raspberries

18g sugar

5g lemon juice

10g corn starch

3g gelatin

♥ For party decoration

58g unsalted butter

4g vegetable oil

45g powdered sugar

35 g egg whites

56g cake dough

♥ Vanilla cookie sponge

4 yolks

25g sugar

4ml vanilla extract

4 egg whites
70 g of sugar

92 g of batter

16g unsalted butter

♥ Mascarpone whipped cream

230g heavy cream

20 g of sugar

20g sweetened condensed milk

100g of mascarpone

5ml Kirsch (optional)

Raspberry Coulis (for decoration)

♥ Syrup

30g of water

22g sugar

3ml Kirsch (or rum)

* How To Make

00:33 It is advisable to mix and add starch and sugar.

00:54 The starch was added and it became thick.

01:01 Gelatin is prepared by pre-melting it.

01:23 Please put it in the freezer and freeze it for 1~2 hours.

01:28 Let’s make a side decoration.

01:36 Melt the butter in hot water.

01:51 You can use soybean oil, corn oil, grapeseed oil, and canola oil.

02:41 Divide the dough in two.

02:51 Make it any color you like.

03:20 Spread it to a thickness of 1mm to 2mm.

03:41 Please draw the pattern you want.

04:06 Squeeze the white dough.

04:18 Leave it to room temperature for a while making the biscuit.

04:24 If it takes more than 20minutes, cover it to prevent it from drying out.

04:28 Let’s make a vanilla biscuit sponge.

05:02 Divide sugar into 3 pieces and add.

05:26 Whisk for 1 minute at low speed.

06:39 I use butter at about 50 degrees Celsius. (122F)

07:38 After preheating to 190C (347F) degrees, Bake at 180C (356F) degrees for 10~12 minutes.

07:55 Let cool at room temperature.

08:12 Cut it into 4cm width.

08:43 Apply the syrup.

09:51 Press firmly to prevent air from entering.

10:23 Please harden in the refrigerator for 2~3 hours.

10:30 Wrap it in a hot towel.

10:49 Please decorate it beautifully.

11:15 I like the combination of raspberry and soft cream.

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