Green & Red Melon Cake Recipe | How To Make A Melon Cake With Plenty Of In Two Colors

I made a melon cake with plenty of melons in two colors! The color combination of orange and green is beautiful, so the cake looks fresh. It’s summer, so it’s difficult to icing, so I made a cake with fresh cream with gelatin. I put a lot of melon on my greed, and the cake became high .I think it’s good that there are a lot of fruits in summer, so you can use them in various ways.

▶Frame size: 15cm.


Melon & Red Melon

12cm sponge cake sheet 3 sheets


Whipped cream (450g cream + 50g sugar + 6g Leaf gelatine)

Cube shaped Melon & Red melon

Rosemary & Apple mint


1. Cut the melon and red melon into a 7cm center and 12cm overall to make a ring shape.

2. Lay 1 sponge cake sheet on the bottom of the mousse mold, put a red melon, and put the melon cut into cubes in the middle.

3. Carefully fill the empty space with whipped cream, place it on the melon and flatten it.

4. Place the sponge cake sheet and the ring-shaped melon, and the red melon cut into cubes in the center, then cream.

5. Place the last sheet and fill with cream, flatten the top and harden in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours.

6. Squeeze 2 circles of whipped cream on the top of the cake, place the melon cut into cubes between the whipped cream, then put rosemary and apple mint.

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