Golden Kiwi Cake Recipe | Cake Perfect For Summer | Made Fresh Cream Cake With Fresh And Sweet Gold Kiwi Easy

I made a fresh cream cake with fresh and sweet gold kiwi! The gold kiwi went well with the fresh cream, so I really enjoyed it. It looks prettier and fresher when you decorate it using the shape of a kiwi. I think this cake is perfect for summer!

▶Frame size: 15cm.


18cm sponge cake sheet 2 sheets


Whipped cream (300g cream + 30g sugar)

5~7 Golden kiwi

Apple mint


1. Cut a cake sheet into a 15cm mold and lay 1 sheet on the bottom of the mousse ring fitted with a mousse ring.

2. Attach the sliced kiwi to the wall of the frame, apply whipped cream on the sheet, and place the kiwi on top.

3. Put the cream and sliced kiwi on top of the kiwi, and put the last sheet on top of the kiwi.

4. After filling the cream, flatten it and harden it in the refrigerator for 1 hour.

5. Decorate with whipped cream, kiwi, and apple mint.

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