Beautiful Fruit Tart Recipe / Tart Basket / Best Strawberry Compote Recipe

Today, a lot of delicious fruit

Let’s make a basket tart.

There are many places to thank

Try presenting a nice basket tart

You can do it without a special tart frame.

That would be a great advantage.

Because we don’t have all the molds.

With a rich, soft vanilla ice cream flavor

Fresh and sweet strawberry compote is love.

This is a recipe for flavor.

* Ingredients

● Tart powder

(Bowl size (19cm * 13cm * 4cm oval plate)

125g Flour

125g Banh Mi

150g unsalted butter

55g water

6 g of sugar

1 g of salt

1 yolk

♥ Strawberry compounds

200 g of strawberries

60 g of sugar

1/2 lemon (juice)

♥ Vanilla ice cream

2 yolks

30 g of sugar

10g cake flour

5g corn starch

200 g of milk

1/2 vanilla bean

25 g white chocolate

30g condensed milk

140g ice cream

* How To Make

00:32 Use cold yolk.

00:52 Use cold water.

00:56 Mix well.

00:59 Please put it in the refrigerator and keep it cold.

01:04 Prepare by cutting cold butter into small pieces.

01:10 Chopping butter into small pieces makes it easier to do the next thing

01:18 Please put it in the refrigerator and keep it cold.

01:23 Mix the two types of flour well.

01:42 Coat the butter with flour.

01:49 Cut it into small pieces.

01:54 I use a cold scraper.

01:59 That’s good.

02:06 Dig a hole in the middle and add the egg mixture.

02:12 Feeling like mixing without bumping

02:26 Make it a big chunk.

02:35 Wrap the dough in a wrap.

02:44 If it is made into a square shape, the next task is easy.

03:02 Add sugar to the washed strawberries.

03:07 If left for a while, water will be created.

03:25 Please filter once through a sieve.

03:33 Please simmer for about 15 minutes on medium and low heat.

03:57 Please allow to at room temperature.

04:04 Sprinkle with flours and fold 3 sections 3 times.

04:14 It won’t push well at first.

04:21 It will break and break well.

04:28 Please push it out little by little while trimming it.

04:34 This is the first fold.

04:50 Sprinkle the flours again and fold in 3 sections.

05:01 From the second, it is pushed out a little.

05:23 The scraper makes it easy to handle.

05:38 Please fold the third verse 3.

05:47 Now the dough spreads well.

06:11 The hard process is over now ~~

06:27 Please refrigerator for at least 1 hour in the fridge.

06:32 It’s a bowl to use instead of a tart mold.

06:41 Please use your favorite bowl.

06:57 Apply vegetable oil.

07:14 Please push it to a thickness of 3mm.

07:27 Cut it into 1.5cm width

07:39 Infinite repetition ~

07:47 Basket weaving is starting ~

08:01 Please cut too long length.

08:08 Weave them alternately.

08:29 Hide the seam line down.

08:50 Weave well.

08:59 Apply a little water.

09:08 Please firmly press the seam line.

09:28 The yolk color should be meticulously applied to make the baked color pretty.

09:40 Bake the remaining dough together.

09:53 After preheating to 205C (401F), Bake at 195C (383F) degrees for 20 ~ 23 minutes.

09:57 Boasting the best taste ~ Let’s make vanilla condensed milk cream.

10:18 Please sieve.

10:46 Complete the custard cream over medium heat.

11:37 Please wrap it to touch the surface.

11:45 Please allow to at room temperature.

11:53 Apply apricot jam diluted in water.

12:00 This is optional.

12:08 Please allow to at room temperature.

12:15 Please remove the bowl after cooling.

12:51 Please complete the vanilla milk cream.

13:36 Strawberry Compote ~

14:01 I’ll decorate the fruit pretty.

14:08 Soak apples in sugar water to prevent browning.

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