Chocolate Mousse Cake | The Best Chocolate Mousse Cake Recipe With Oreo Wafer

Soft and sweet chocolate mousse cream and sponge cake sheet. I made chocolate mousse cake with Oreo wafers! It’s not just a soft mousse cream cake, but it contains crispy Oreo wafers, so the cut section looks pretty and tastes even better. The chocolate mousse cream is also soft and sweet, so it’s really delicious, and the crunchy sound I make when I eat it makes me happy.

▶frame: 16.5cm x 4.5cm.


100g Milk chocolate

60g Dark chocolate

60ml Hot Fresh cream

4g Leaf gelatine

1/4ts Vanilla extract

200ml Whipped Cream

Chocolate sponge cake sheet

(Recipe :


6 Oreo Wafer

Ganache (chocolate 75g+fresh cream 75g)


1. Pour hot cream into the chocolate and mix.

2. Add the gelatin and vanilla extract and mix.

3. Add the chocolate mixture to the whipped cream and mix.

4. Put a sponge cake sheet in a mousse frame, sprinkle chocolate on top, and put Oreo wafer on it.

5. Pour the chocolate mousse, fill it flat, and let it harden for about 1 hour in the fridge.

6. Pour ganache over the firm mousse, flatten it, and let it harden for about 1 hour in the fridge.


Strawberry Cake | Storybook Visual~Strawberry Cake Recipe | Strawberry Cake Full Of Lovely Feelings

I made a lovely strawberry cake! It is stronger than normal sponge cake sheet but moist and strawberry scent is filled.

*Butter, plain yogurt, egg white, milk, strawberry puree at room temperature for at least 1 hour

▶Frame: 16cm.


112g Butter 

100g Sugar

115g Plain Yogurt

1ts Vanilla extract

4 Egg white

215g Cake flour

10g Baking powder

1/4ts Salt 

80ml Milk 

80ml Strawberry Puree

Food coloring (red)

Sugar syrupa

250g Whipped cream (+25g sugar, food color – blue, green)

50g Decorative whipped cream (+5g sugar)



1. Put the butter in the bowl, gently loosen, add sugar and mix until creamy.

2. Add plain yogurt and vanilla extract, mix and mix egg whites in 2 portions.

3. Add sift half of the powdered ingredients and mix. Add milk, strawberry puree and mix.

4. Add sift all of the powdered ingredients, mix and mix red food coloring.

5. Divide the dough in half, put it in a pan, make it flat,
and bake in a 180 degree preheated oven for 25 to 30 minutes to maketwo sheets.

6. Sprinkle sugar syrup on one sheet and apply whipped cream (mint). Repeat once.

7. Smooth cream on the sides and top.

8. Decorate Whipped cream and sprinkle.


Orange Mousse cake | Really Delicious | How To Make A Cheesecake With Fresh Orange Jelly The Soft

I made a cheesecake decorated with oranges on top of a cheesecake with fresh orange jelly! It’s really delicious because the soft cheese cream and the orange-colored plump jelly go well together! It’s three layers, so the cut section is really pretty.

▶frame: 15cm x 4.5cm.


1 Sponge cake sheet (12cm)

(Recipe :


110g Warm orange juice 

10g Sugar

2g Leaf gelatine

5g Leaf gelatine

150g Cream cheese

60g Plain Yogurt

37g Sugar

1/2ts Vanilla extract

120g Whipped cream 

65g Warm Water

15g Warm Orange juice

25g Sugar

2g Leaf gelatine



1. Add sugar to hot orange juice, mix and add soaked plate gelatin(2g), and mix.

2. Pour into a 12cm mold and freeze for about 1 hour in the freezer.

3. Add the cream cheese, sugar, plain yogurt and vanilla extract to the bowlmix and add melted gelatin(5g) and mix.

4. Add whipped cream and mix.

5. Place the orange jelly on top of the sponge cake sheet and put it in the middle of the 15cm mousse frame.

6. Pour the mousse and let it flat and freeze for about 30 minutes.

7. Add hot water, orange juice, sugar, mix, then add the soaked plate gelatin(2g) and mix.

8. Place a sliced orange over the mousse and pour (7).

9. Hardened for 2 ~ 3 hours in the refrigerator.


Strawberry Eclair | Strawberry Eclairs Recipe | Stuffed With Strawberry Cream And Decorated With Strawberries And blueberries

I made strawberry eclairs, stuffed with strawberry cream and decorated with strawberries and blueberries! Personally, I like cream that is a mixture of custard and whipped cream, so I tried it with strawberries and it was delicious. I think it was more delicious because it went well with fruits such as strawberries and blueberries. When baking eclairs, if you open the oven door before baking, it may shrink, so be sure to bake it before opening it.

▶ 6 servings.


27g Butter

30ml Water

30ml Milk

2g Sugar

1g Salt

36g cake flour

60g Egg

70g Custard Cream 

70g whipped cream (+5g sugar)

2~3 Strawberry

Whipped cream



Apple mint


1. Put the water + milk + butter + salt in the pan, boil until the butter is completely melted and then get out of the fire.

2. Add sifted flour, Cook on low heat, stirring until a thin coat forms on the pot.

3. Add egg and mix well. Put in the piping bag.

4. Squeeze in an oven pan and bake in a 40~45 minutes for 160 degree preheated oven.

5. Add custard cream, whipped cream and strawberries in the bowl, mix them, and put them in the piping bag.

6. Make a hole in the back of the eclair and fill the cream.

7. Decorate with whipped cream, strawberries, blueberries and apple mint.


Fondant Au Chocolat | A Warm Dessert | Strawberry Fondant Au Chocolat Recipe

I made a warm dessert fondant au chocolat! Chocolate flows out and is soft and sweet and it is really delicious. The strawberry put in the middle makes the color look nice and enjoy the refreshing taste.

▶2 servings.


60g Melted chocolate

40g Melted butter

10g Sugar

1 Egg

2g Vanilla Extract

15g Cake flour

5g Cocoa powder



1. Add the melted chocolate and the melted butter to the bowl, mix them, add the sugar and mix.

2. Add egg and vanilla extract, mix and sift flour and cocoa powder and mix.

3. Add about 50% dough to a pan coated with butter and cocoa powder and add strawberries.

4. Cover the strawberry with dough, fill it to 80 ~ 90% and bake for about 10 minutes in the 180 degree preheated oven.


Matcha crepe cake | Crepe Is Really Delicious | Made A Strawberry Green Tea Crepe Cake Filled With Fresh Cream Easy

I made a strawberry green tea crepe cake filled with fresh cream and strawberries on a green tea crepe! The color harmony of green, red, white is good! The chewy and fragrant green tea crepe is really delicious .


4 Egg

185g Cake flour

15g Green tea powder

50g Sugar

2g Salt

70g Melted butter

500ml Milk

cooking oil

500ml Whipped cream (+sugar 50g)


Green tea powder


1. Put the egg in the bowl and loosen it, and add Sift cake flour,green tea powder.

2. Add sugar, salt and mix. Add melted butter and mix.

3. Add milk, mix and sieve.

4. Room temperature for 30~60 minutes.

5. Apply oil to the pan and put the dough. Turn the pan to thin it and turn it over when the air bubble comes up.

6. After making 16 pieces, cool down.

7. Apply whipped cream on a one piece of crepe. Stack 4 pieces repeatedly,
then put strawberries on the fourth crepe and cover with cream. Repeat 2 times.

8. Place the crepe on top of the last layer of strawberries and apply a thin cream of cream.
Repeat 3 more times and sprinkle green tea powder on the last crepe.


Strawberry Castella | It Is Really Delicious | Strawberry Cream Castella Cake Recipe

I made a castella cake with a strawberry cream and a strawberry on top of a soft cake! I poured pink cream twice to decorate it, I think I dressed in a pretty ruffle skirt, so cute. It is really delicious because with a fluffy cake and strawberry cream filled in it.

▶ frame: 12cm x 5cm .


60g Plain flour

3 Egg white

60g Sugar

3 Egg yolk

15g Grape seed oil

30g Honey 

12g Milk

8g Vanilla extract

150g Whipped cream (+15g sugar)


100g whipped cream (+10g sugar)

2Ts(30ml) Strawberry Puree



Sugar powder


1. Sift Plain flour.

2. Put egg whites in bowl and whip it. When big bubble comes up, divide sugar into three and whip to make meringue.

3. Mix egg yolks one by one and mix.

4. Mix the flour in small portions.

5. Grape seed oil, honey, and milk are mixed and divided into two and mixed.

6. Add vanilla extract and mix.

7. Pour the dough into the pan and stir with a chopstick 2-3 times and bake for about 35-40 minutes in a 170 degree preheated oven.

8. Add strawberry to the whipped cream and mix them, put it in the piping bag.

9. Make a hole in the upper part of the castella and put a strawberry cream.

10. Add the strawberry puree to the whipped cream, mix and pour over the cake.

11. Decorate with strawberry, blueberry, and sugar powder.


Kisses Cake | Cake That’s Too Pretty To Eat Because It’s So Pretty | Kisses Mousse Cake Recipe

I made a kisses mousse cake following the cake sold from Pascucci to Valentine’s Day. It was pretty, so I made a similar shape, but I think the idea is a really good cake! Originally it was cream cheese cream on a red velvet sheet, but I made it with fresh yogurt cream . It’s a cake that’s too pretty to eat because it’s so pretty.

▶Frame : 7cm x 7cm.


2g Leaf gelatine

65g Plain Yogurt

20g Sugar

1/2ts Vanilla extract

1/2ts Lemon juice

50g Whipped cream

Sponge cake sheet (red)

(Recipe :

1 Kisses chocolate

6 Kisses shape meringue cookie


1. Place the gelatin in the cold water for at least 10 minutes.

2. Add yogurt, vanilla extract, sugar and lemon juice to the bowl and mix.

3. Turn gelatin into microwave for 10 seconds and completely dissolve.

4. Add gelatin dissolved in yogurt mousse and mix, whipped cream and mix.

5. Put the sponge cake sheet on the frame and put the mousse on it. Repeat one more time.

6. 2~3 hours in the refrigerator.

7. Decorate with Kisses chocolate and meringue cookies.



Cheese Hotteok | The Best Cheese Hotteok (korean pancake) Recipe

I made hot cheese hotteok with mozzarella cheese that stretches all the time with hotteok mix! If you grab one while it’s warm and cut it, the cheese will stretch all the way, making your mouth water! If you want to eat it sweet, I think you can eat it with sugar mix on the outside. When hotteok cools down, heat it up a little in the microwave to enjoy it more deliciously.


Hotteok mix (dough powder, dry yeast, sugar mix)

Water (40~45℃) 180 ml

cooking oil

mozzarella cheese


1. Put water (40~45℃) and yeast in a bowl and mix, then add dough powder and knead.

2. Dip your hands in cooking oil, remove a little dough, put cheese inside, and wrap well with the dough.

3. Grease a pan with cooking oil and cook over low heat until golden brown on both sides.

4. Apply sugar mix.


Chocolate Cheesecake | Fresh Strawberries Refreshed | How To Make A Cute Mini Chocolate Cheesecake With Lots Of Chocolate!

I made a cute mini chocolate cheesecake with lots of chocolate! It has a lot of chocolate and tastes like you are eating soft chocolate. If you eat the thick chocolate cheesecake and soft whipped cream together, you can eat it more softly. Fresh strawberries make your mouth feel refreshed.

▶Frame: Top diameter 7cm, bottom diameter 5cm, height 3cm 6 pieces.



50g Crushed whole wheat cookie

20g Melted butter

– Cheese dough

180g Cream cheese

15g Sugar

1ts Vanilla extract

96g Egg

190g Melted chocolate

Whipped cream



1. Put the crushed whole wheat cookie and melted butter in the bowl and mix.

2. Put it on the bottom of the mold and flatten, bake in a 5 minutes for 180 degree preheated oven.

3. Put cream cheese in the bowl, gently loosen, and mix with sugar and vanilla extract.

4. Add egg and mix.

5. Add the melted chocolate, mix it, put it in the piping bag and put it in the oven pan.

6. Bake in a 20~25 minutes for 180 degree preheated oven.

7. Decorate with whipped cream and strawberries.